Bed BugsĀ 

Hotels, motels, resorts, furnished rentals, and vacation rentals are a great place to stay temporarily. Even if the beds appear clean, you may wake up in the morning itchy and covered in bug bites. Our bed bug lawyers hold the property owners responsible for your pain, injuries, discomfort, and medical treatment. It is important to take photos of your bites, the bed, linens, mattress, and pillows.

Whether your case is big or small, If you or someone you know has been bitten by bed bugs, call our bed bug attorneys immediately for a free consultation.

Food Poisoning

Our experienced food poisoning lawyers have successfully handled many food poisoning cases that include restaurants, fast food, sea food, and packaged food. We also handle cases where there were foreign objects in the food. If you become ill after consuming food that you believe to be adulterated, it is important to contact a food poisoning lawyer immediately. Preserve the food if possible, save your receipt, and file a complaint with the store or restaurant. Contact our food poisoning lawyers now for a free consultation