Although air travel is common, it is inherently dangerous to fly in a plane. Just think about it: a metal tube flying through the sky at speeds in excess of 600mph. We hear about plane crashes all the time on the news and unfortunately, the chances of survival are minimal. Statistically speaking, aviation accidents are much less frequent than car accidents, but when they do happen they can have disastrous results.

Not all plane crashes end in death. In rare occasions, some passengers actually survive. These survivors will usually have severe personal injuries. If you were injured in an aviation accident, or if your family member was killed as a result of an airplane crash, you should not sign any waiver presented to you by the airline. Instead, be sure to retain an aviation accident attorney so that you may receive the maximum compensation for your injury or death of a loved one.

Aviation accidents are very complex and will involve an FAA investigation to determine the cause of the plane crash. There are many things that can lead to the failure of an airplane. When this tragedy occurs, you need to retain an airplane accident attorney that can help you recover for your injuries or the loss of a loved one. Our firm’s experienced airplane accident attorneys will fight hard for you.

Having an aviation accident lawyer on your side means having someone who is there to protect your rights against the airline and to make sure you are receive the appropriate financial compensation. Retaining Palm Beach County airplane accident attorney Ian Bressler will allow you to pursue your case to the fullest extent.

Airplane crashes are not the only aviation accidents that occur. Common personal injury lawsuits in which aviation accident lawyer Ian Bressler can help you include injury due to objects falling from the overhead bins, a slip and fall in the aisle, or even when an airplane or parts from an airplane land on you or a loved one when you are on the ground.

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