Cruise Ship Injuries

Cruise ships often mean relaxation, vacation, and fun. However, the ships are enormous and danger can be lurking in every corner. Injuries on a cruise ship can result from a slip and fall, food poisoning, pool or activity related trauma, and many other mishaps. Cruise ship injuries can even lead to wrongful death in cases such as falling overboard or drowning in the swimming pool. When you or a loved one is injured in any cruise ship accident, it is important that you retain the services of a cruise ship accident attorney.

Our experienced cruise ship accident attorneys understand the set of very particular laws that apply to cruise ships and how to pursue a claim against the cruise companies. There are international considerations that must be taken into account and for this reason, you should be sure to seek counsel from a cruise ship attorney in order to be compensated for your injuries and losses.

Recently, there have been “outbreaks” on cruise ships where a large portion of the passengers and crew become ill. This can be caused by infectious disease, food poisoning, or a loss of power to the ship leading to inadequate sanitation. Passengers on a ship with an outbreak should be compensated for their traumatic experience, especially if they were among the sick. The cruise companies will try to compensate these passengers by giving them vouchers, free cruises, and a small cash settlement in exchange for a waiver of liability. If you are one of these unlucky passengers, you should not accept their offer. Instead, you should retain a cruise ship accident lawyer immediately. Our experienced cruise ship accident lawyers will hold the cruise company accountable for your illness and help you get substantial compensation.

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