Defective Products

Many companies sacrifice the safety of their product in the name of profit. They release a defective product into the market with the hopes that nobody gets hurt. Sometimes, this gamble pays off, yet other times people get seriously harmed. A defective product can be something as serious as a car (we hear about recalls all the time) or something as minor as a child’s toy.

Some companies go as far as calculating their risk when releasing or declining to recall a defective product. They determine whether it would be more cost effective to allow the product to remain on the market, paying out lawsuits as they come, or removing the product from the market in it’s entirety and re-manufacturing it. Unfortunately, most choose to allow the product to remain on the market, where someone almost always winds up injured.

If you have been injured due to a defective product, you need an experienced defective product attorney. With overseas manufacturing being commonplace, it is important that the correct parties are held responsible when an injury occurs. A defective products lawyer will know who to hold responsible and will fight hard to get you compensated for your injuries.

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