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Death is always difficult to deal with. Friends, family and acquaintances – they will all be left with a huge gap in their lives after the passing of someone who was dear to them. When disease or age are to blame for the death of a loved one, there is nothing to do but mourn. However, when the death of somebody you love was caused by negligence, it is important to retain a wrongful death attorney that will fight hard to get you and your family justice. Although money can never replace your loved one, it can provide a sense of closure, knowing that those responsible are held accountable for their negligent actions.

Who can recover in wrongful death actions?

Florida has the Wrongful Death Act, which lays out who has standing to sue a negligent company or person in the case of wrongful death. First, an estate has to be set up and a Personal Representative needs to be appointed. Our attorneys will assist your family in this process and assure that everything moves through the courts as quickly as possible. The Personal Representative is named as the Plaintiff in the lawsuit. Money can be awarded to the Estate, surviving spouse, children, and parents of the wrongfully killed family member.  Every situation and every family is unique so our firm will take a customized approach to handling your wrongful death case.

Who’s to Blame?

When accidents happen because of negligent acts, you should make sure that you retain a personal injury lawyer to help get compensated for your injury. Receiving compensation after a personal injury is an absolute must in order for people to be held accountable for their negligent acts since you may never be able to return the condition you were in before the accident.

When the personal injury leads to a wrongful death, you must retain the services of a wrongful death lawyer. You will never be able to bring back your loved one, but you have the right to seek justice against those responsible for their wrongful death. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys will fight hard to get you justice. Our team will investigate the cause of the wrongful death and discover any potential person or company that can be held responsible. We will do everything in our power to get your family the money they deserve.

Will we have to go to trial?

Our experienced wrongful death attorneys will prosecute your case with trial in mind. We prepare for trial every step of the way BUT almost every case will be settled before going to court.  You will not have to pay us anything until your case is resolved, at which point, our fees and costs come out of the settlement funds.

What types of cases are there?

Medical malpractice is one of the most common causes of wrongful death and we will make sure that the doctors, hospitals, and companies (device and medical technology manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and so on) are held responsible. You need a wrongful death attorney to find and hold all parties that played a part in this medical malpractice accountable.

Car, boat, motorcycle, airplane and truck accidents are among the types of personal injury cases that may also include a cause of action for wrongful death. Negligent security is also common. If your loved one was injured or accidentally killed, don’t hesitate to retain a wrongful death lawyer to represent you.

Not all personal injury cases lead to wrongful death. When they do, they can be caused by situations such as car accidents, nursing home abuse, defective products, slip and falls, and medical malpractice. Any kind of personal injury that leads to death should be brought to a wrongful death attorney so that they may enforce your rights. A wrongful death attorney will help you and your family receive compensation for loss of companionship, lost wages, future earnings, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

What’s my case worth?

Life is priceless. There is no amount of money that can adequately compensate your family for a wrongful death. If a case is prosecuted correctly, an insurance company will pay out their maximum policy limits. We can also seek excess compensation from the company and individuals involved. Let our wrongful death lawyers fight to get you the maximum amount possible. Call us now!

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